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The LPL Financial Research annual report shares that the U.S. economy is still exhibiting some positive fundamentals despite trade uncertainty and slowing global growth. LPL Financial Research strategists maintain that some key trends and market signals will be important to watch, including progress on U.S.-China trade discussions, an encouraging outlook from corporate America, and continued strength in consumer spending. Outlook 2020 provides updated views of current fundamentals and risk factors, while emphasizing the four primary pillars for investing – policy, the economy, bonds, and stocks.

“We expect the U.S. economy to continue to grow in 2020 and support gains for stocks, although we are increasingly mindful of our position in the business cycle. We continue to see low likelihood of recession in the coming year. While we can’t see into the future, one thing we can predict is that uncertainty in the markets is here to stay,” said LPL Financial Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist John Lynch. “By focusing on the fundamentals and market signals, we believe investors can make the most effective decisions for their diversified long-term portfolios.”

Read more about key themes to watch and our investment forecasts in the full publication.